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    Tournament 2014 in Baccarat

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    Story of Nippon Kempo

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    Worldwide Nippon Kempo International Challenge!

Union Française de Nippon Kempo Renmei

The French Union of Nippon Kempo Renmei (UFNKR) was established in 2007.
The objective of the UFNKR is to develop the Nippon Kempo in France and in compliance with the technical and ethical rules of this martial art.
The teaching of Nippon Kempo in France must respect that which is practiced in Japan.

The quality of training our future black belts is one of our highest priorities. Indeed, they must be able to teach or to retransmit the same techniques we learned in Japan.
Emphasis is placed on the practice of combat without however neglecting the moral and philosophical values ​​of Nippon Kempo.

Through this state of mind, the members UFNKR accompanies these clubs in their development to form a stable and sustainable.