Nippon Kempo


Name :Nippon Kempo 日本拳法
Origin :
Osaka (Japan)
Founder :
Master Muneumi Sawayama (1906-1977)




Nippon Kempo or Nihon Kempo is a Japanese martial art that engages in full-contact bouts using a full range of techniques wearing specially developed protective gear (bogu kumite). Nippin Kempo is sometime called "Nikken" as a omission in Japan.

Master Sawayama was one of Kenwa Mabunis Shito-Ryu students. He studied various other martial arts during his college days but none of them seemed what he was looking for. After much study, he felt convinced of the need to enlarge the scope of the arts beyond just KATA (form) and he established his own school — Nippon Kempo in 1932.The art places an equal emphasis on striking techniques using hands and feet, immobilization and controls, projections and take-downs. Nippon Kempo is a defensive art that does not restrict students in methodology.

From a technical point of view, Nippon Kempo is a martial art system based on techniques of striking and kicking, blocking, throwing, reverse joint locks and ground combat.

Practitioners fight and practice these techniques with protective gear, as the art is full-contact and therefore men, do, kurobu (gloves), and a mate ate (groin protector) are used. Grabbing a kick, a punch, or locking a joint is allowed, as are knees and elbows to the body or to the face score points. As "headhunting", the practice of trying to score quickly with a punch to the men, is common, practitioners aim to learn and develop head and body movements to avoid, deflect or counter many punching and kicking combinations


Source: wikipidia